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Welcome to Poplar Creek Farm's Goat Milk Soap Shop

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     Try some today. Your skin will love you for it!!


"Donna is a sweetheart! I never know what I want when I order and she is always so helpful over the phone. The soap is great on my skin and my hair and if you have never tried it I recommend it highly."
- Cameron in Fort Worth Texas

"Toggensuds soap smells just as good from the first use to the last use. Lots of scents available. Leaves my skin moisturized and soft, especially in our dry climate. I love the exfoliating bars! They ship quickly with cute packaging. Ready for use or to give as a gift. Highly recommended!"
- Bethany in Las Vegas Nevada

"Thank you so much for your soaps and lotions. I have had a problems with psoriasis for many years and I can't tell you how many products that I have tried. I met Donna at the Mt. City Market and she told me that other people had tried her soap and it really helped their condition. I gave it a try and let me tell you, nothing that I have tried has given me the positive results that her soap has. Now it is all I use and I give it to everybody for gifts. I just can't get enough of it...I'm hooked!"
- Barbara in upstate New York

"I love Toggensuds soap. I wish I had found this product 10 years ago. I have always had trouble with dry skin and now I know it was the soap I was using. All of the different scents are amazing. Keep up the good work."
- Kim in Boulder Colorado

"Why is it so hard to find a high quality soap like Toggensuds?? I'm so glad that I finally found a soap that is actually good for my skin. Thank you for putting a healthy natural product out there that is affordable and does what it supposed to do. i also love the fact that I can order online and receive my order in just a few days."
- Ashley in Hillsville West Virginia

"Toggensuds is . . . the. best. soap. ever!  High goat milk content.  Luscious lather. Luxurious - truly!  You will be hooked from the first bar!  Conditions the skin beautifully.  Wonderful scents that linger on your skin - and the lotion!  Oh.  My!  Donna will even make soap scents upon request!  How cool is that?"
- Phyllis in Atlanta Georgia

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Toggensuds is now offering a really nice SUGAR SCRUB. After so many requests for a scrub we have finally developed an outstanding scrub that softens and moisturizes skin like no other scrub on the market today. We have used Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and of course our fresh Goat Milk as well as other skin loving ingredients. TRY SOME TODAY...YOUR SKIN WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT! Just go to the order page.
Toggensuds is now offering Goat Milk Lotion. We're excited to offer an awesome recipe that we spent most of last winter and the holidays developing. We had so many requests for a high quality, high milk content lotion that we decided to add it to our product line. Each 5oz bottle is $5.75 and you can find details and ordering information on page 4 of this website along with ordering info on all of our great soaps.

Toggensuds goat milk soaps and lotions are simply the best that money can buy. All of our products are handmade in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Our soap and lotion is made right here on our farm using whole raw goat's milk from our small herd of Toggenburg and Saanen goats. Toggensud's soap recipes contain a whopping 33% goat's milk which is higher than most other soap producers. We use only the best organic ingredients that money can buy and take pride in shipping our customers a product that they will love, use, and tell their friends about. Thank you for checking out our website. Click on the page links to learn more about the benefits of goat milk soap and lotion, see pics and descriptions of our products, and to order. There are also pictures of the farm, our animals and our little soap shop.

By purchasing products from Toggensuds Soap Shop you are supporting small business in America. We are proud to say that all of our products are 100% Made in America...always have been, and always will be!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our product please email to
toggensuds@gmail.com  If the question is one that helps our customers make a more informed purchase, we'll post it here for others to read.

Are your soaps all natural with no chemicals, additives, preservatives etc?
Yes unlike commercial soaps the only ingredients in our products are sapponified oils, pure fragrance oils and then some of our soaps have ingredients designed to exfoliate dry skin such as ground oatmeal and ground herbs. Some of our soaps also have a natural topping such as lavender buds, herbs etc.

Do you offer free shipping to your customers?
Yes, on all orders of 10 soaps and/or lotions or more we offer free shipping to any U.S. mailing address. Smaller orders are charged a flat rate shipping rate of $8 per order. If you need less than 10 bars, get with a friend and combine your orders to make 1 larger order :)

Can you tell me what exfoliate means?
Sure. Exfoliate simply means to remove dead skin cells. Our skin is our largest organ. Its surface area is 24 square feet on an average adult. Most commercial soap producers have decided to leave exfoliants out of their soaps because it's an "unknown."  We use them in almost all of our soaps. The first time you use a soap that has a rough or scratchy feel to it, you kinda wonder if you're gonna get out of the shower with a red rash all over your body...LOL but after you use the soap a few times you realize that your skin is cleaner than it has ever been. Grocery store soaps actually coat your skin with ingredients rather than remove dead skin. Once people feel the difference and get used to the new feel they never go back! We do offer a few soaps that have no exfoliate in them for sensative skin, ole folks skin, etc. but most folks like using the exfoliant type soaps all over...even for shampoo and shaving.

Can I use goat milk soap on my face?
Of course! There is a well known facial soap that is advertised as containing 1/4 moisturizing cream...ours is actually 1/3 moisturizing cream (it's called goats milk). Goats milk is great for all your skin including your face. Please read our "Why Goat Soap" page on this site to see all the benefits of using goat milk soap.

Are your soaps and lotions really handmade at your farm?
Yes. We have a 500 sq. ft. soap shop in our basement where we make all of our soaps and lotions. Our soap is made in small batches and hand cut one bar at a time. We use only the best ingredients including whole raw goats milk fresh from our goats. Many people who sell goat milk soap are simply buying a melt and pour base or large blocks of premade soap and then just adding different scents to it. Most of these premade products are made with about 10% powdered goat milk which has lost most of its beneficial qualities.

How fast will I get my order?
Our orders are filled the same day and shipped the next morning. It usually takes about 3 business days to receive. Toggensuds ships most of our orders by USPS and shipping is free on all orders of 10 bars of soap or more.

Goat soap?...That's just a gimmick right? Why can't I just get a cheap bar of soap at the store and do the same thing with it?
I guess the best way I can explain it is...it's like breakfast cereal. If you're hungry in the morning, you can eat Cocoa Puffs or you can eat homemade granola that is made with dates and raisins and almonds and honey and stuff that's good for you. They both fill you up and the puffs are cheaper but are they better? When you eat good granola or wash with a good quality goat milk soap, you're doing something good for your body. Do a little research online about the benefits of goatmilk soap or go to our "more info" page here on this site.

What if i don't see what I want on your website?

We understand. There are lots of products that we offer that just can't all be listed here. We have other scents as well as custom orders, wholesale pricing, gift baskets etc. that we would love to talk with you about. Just call Toggensuds at 678-447-4797 and talk with Donna. She'll help you figure everything out and save you a bunch of time too.